I fell in love with digital photography a few years ago. I successfully finished the bachelor degree at FMK UCM (Faculty of mass media communication) with the topic of bachelor thesis: Identity in photography. I have a lot of experience in the entire business sector. I worked like operator for Direct House (BA), the part-timer in SecAdmin team in ING Bank (BA) and junior trainee in the collections department of Profi Credit (BA). When I moved to Prague I started to work like graphic designer and video editor for startup Simple John. I was a team member of the production team of a lot of festivals (Apríles, Let it Roll, Trident, Signall_FM festival, Spectral OA). I tried to finish my Master degree at VŠE (Arts Management) but my expectations were not fulfilled and I decided to leave my school education and start to work hard for fulltime. I got a huge opportunity and started to work in thinktank, coworking and hackerspace Paralelní Polis at the position of event specialist and assistant of project coordinator where I learned a huge amount of new informations about cryptocurrencies, time management, project coordinating etc. but I  had to move on forward after one year. I started to work in Zonky like back office specialist but I knew that this part of the business is not for me. After three years of my living in Prague, I got my dream job in a media bank Pond5 at the position of video curator. If you don´t know this amazing media marketplace just visit: www.pond5.com

And what about photography? It´s my addiction and lifestyle in one. Everyday passion to freeze moments into the pictures.📷😍