From digital to analog 02

It is a very long time from my last blog post. I captured a few analog films on Nikon Fe and I realized that camera which I bought was broken and I decided to sell that camera back to Fotoškoda (Prague) where I bought it. That is the reason why I didn´t upload any new analog photos till now.

My amazing coworker Wandermess ( gave me the present: small plastic Lomography camera. Nothing special but this small device is able to capture 4 different pictures on one analog frame… And that is something completely new and special for me. Just scroll down for the photos taken on Kodak Ultramax iso400 and this Lomo camera.

From digital to Analog 02

And here is the result which I reaaaaally like. 🙃📷

It is all for now but don´t be sad. A lot of new content is coming here! 🙂

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