From digital to analog 03

From digital to analog 03

Hello everyone! 🙂 It’s been a very long time since you heard of me last time. I hope all of you are doing pretty well during these hard days. Stay safe! 🙂

I finally found some time for my old analog films from 2019. In this post you could find a lot of photo memories taken around Czech Republic, especially Prague and Sněžka peak in Krkonoše. There are also some photos taken in Slovakia and Spain. 3 different cameras and 3 differend analog films. Enough words. Just scroll further and join this time machine blog post in my free holidays through 2019.

👇  👇  👇

The cheapest BW analog film Fomapan 200 & some old plastic camera:

Kodak 400 & 4 frames/pictures plastic camera.

Kodak 400 and probably last photos taken on old Halina before its dead (the rewind mechanism stopped to work from day to day)

Thank you very much for your time and if you like my posts just don´t hesitate to share my page with your friends. 🙂

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