From digital to analog 01

I am asking myself. Why? Is it a step backward? Is it a good idea to start with analog photography after 10 years in digital media? Should analog photography give me something more than digital photography? Definitely yes!

I finished two analog films. One BW and one Colorful. Welcome, Patrik. This is an absolutely new world for me. No display. No space for mistakes. Only you, the camera and reality around you. I found a magic of photography again. Every shot is in the veil of unknown.

I learned a lot of new things last week which I could use back in digital photography. I take photos at Nikon Fe body + Pentacon Pancolar 50mm f/1,8 + Samyang 85mm f/1,4. I used two films: Fujifilm Superia 400 and Fomapan profi line 400. I really like the process of analog photography! So, enough words. Let´s check my experience. 🙂


Black&white photos (Fomapan 400):

Colorful photos (Fujifilm Superia 400):

Lot of work is waiting for me. I have to learn how to take better and better photos on analog. I am sure that these two analog films weren´t the last ones.! The magic process of analog photography swallowed me so hard. 🙂 And what about you? Do you like analog photography?

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