Some days you need to rest and other days you just need to create some art. Let me show you these night long exposure experimental photos from Dobeška viewpoint.

It was super cold during this night but it doesn´t matter when you would like to behave artistically. Dobeška is a high step rock place and I am happy that it was not a windy night because cold windy weather is absolute hell for photography. During the creation of these photos, I spent +/- 90 minutes on the edge Dobeška cliff. I really like moments like this because I have time for cleaning my mind from a lot of rubbish. I am surprised that only two people interrupted me there and I had a lot of time for myself and also for my amazing camera which is able to capture these fabulous colorful pictures.

Dobeška viewpoint is really interesting for me because you should watch from there a lot of highways, huge car´s bridge, Prague´s castle, Vyšehrad, and practically the whole of Prague.

I am really glad that I convinced myself of this experimental idea. I captured only a few pictures but even more interesting. What do you think? @pr-photo-graphy

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