This is the list of my offered services and price list:

  • AERIAL SERVICES (Operating of drone DJI Mavic Air 2)
30 minutes of drone shooting (photo / video)4260 CZK175 EUR
1 day of drone shooting8520 CZK350 EUR
  • STANDARD PHOTO + video services on the ground (equipment: iPhone 14 Pro, Nikon D7000 + 35mm + 85mm lenses…)
1 – 2 hours of photo / video shooting2434 CZK100 EUR
3 – 4 hours of photo / video shooting4869 CZK200 EUR
1 day of photo / video shooting7304 CZK300 EUR
Any extras by agreement starting from 2,000 Kč2000 CZK82 EUR
Post-processing & retouching of photos, cutting & editing & coloring of photos and videos / per 1 hour500 CZK20 EUR

The services provided consist of either a 30 minutes drone session or one full day of
shooting which is anything above +60min (for drone session) or anything above 4
hours (for DSLR photo session) that includes traveling to a location outside of
Prague. Photographs/videos provided are available in formats (JPEG, DNG,TIFF…
for pictures and MPEG2, AVI, MP4… for videos in HD or 4K) Editing & travel costs
are not included in pricing. The prices do not include VAT (DPH). During the
deal, I will require the payment of a deposit of 25% to officially book the date and
time of the photo/video session.

Do not hesitate to contact me: